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Dear All Advisors
I have some questions about community readiness model.
Is it a scientific theory or not?
My research topic is related to chronic kidney disease prevention
This model attracts me for developing a theoretical framework for CKD prevention at the community level.
for your view, is it fit or not.
Thank you for your kindness and sharing fruitful website.

Hi Aoy, and thanks for contacting CTB.
The Community readiness Model is research informed and can be used to help assess community readiness for addressing a wide variety of issues.  Chapter 2 under our table of Contents has a section with information about the model and a link to the model's developers.
Please feel free to use it, and to adapt it if there are elements that don't work well in your culture(s).  Other chapters may become relevant as your project planning proceeds.

Question Date: Sun, 05/21/2017