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We are a grassroot organization fighting against displacement in our neighborhood.

Can you connect us with organizations that have the experience working for housing for low-income and specially for those who are undocumented. We are ready to pay a community organizer; however, we lacked of the strategy and tactics to start our job.

To find the right organization who already has the best practice and send the organizer for a training will be our main goal.


Hello Analia,
Thanks for contacting CTB.  You might want to take a look at several chapters within CTB on building strategic plans.  Those may help you in selecting strategy and tactics.
CTB policies prohibit advisors from recommending specific organizations with relevant experience.  However you will find several possibilities among the Community Stories described under our Connect With Others graphic.  Feel free to search those stories and to contact directly any of the organizations you find there.  You might also ask them for leads to other similar organizations in your general vicinity.
You are working on an important issue.  Best wishes for success!

Question Date: Mon, 06/26/2017