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My names is Nambulana am a female aged 19 and am from Zambia.I have a very big concern over my fellow youths in terms of our healthcare and i thought of forming an organization or can I be able to create one and am I going to be able to find sponsorship

Hi Nambulana, and thanks for contacting CTB,
Forming a club may be the easier part.  Ask friends and other people your age if they have similar interest in healthcare and invite those who do to help start a club.  Another approach would be to ask local health care providers (physicians, nurses, home health outreach workers, clinics, hospitals) if there are already clubs focused on health care, and join one of those.
The more complicated parts will be identifying one or just a few health care needs that the club will try to address.  Again, health care providers can provide valuable advice and guidance they welcome people who have a genuine interest in helping, because resources almost always are insufficient to meet needs.  CTB's Table of Contents lists chapters and provides toolkits that you may find valuable as guides to organizing both the club and its mission,  feel free to read through them and to apply or adapt the information you find useful.  I have checked several sections below that may help you get started,, and you can read further as your effort proceeds.  Feel free to submit future questions if we can be or assistance, and thanks for your interest in helping others achieve health lives.

Question Date: Mon, 08/14/2017