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Where do I start if I want to use your tools for advocates for community change focusing on alternative solutions for health?

Hello! Thank you so much for your question.
The Community Tool Box has a number of great resources to help you in your advocacy efforts. I’d start by checking out chapters 30 – 35 and the “Advocating for Change” toolkit. You can access these resources through the following link to the Tool Box table of contents (
You might also find other content on the Tool Box helpful as supplementary information in preparing for advocacy. Specifically, the chapters on developing a strategic plan (Chapters 8-12) and analyzing community problems/designing interventions (chapters 17-19) and the related resources might be helpful…among others.   
I hope you find the resources in the Tool Box helpful in getting started and sustaining your advocacy efforts. Even though they may not be specific to your particular topic, they provide some great ideas that can be applied to just about any important social issue. I’d also encourage you to do a web search of similar efforts and connect with those who are involved in this work in other communities.
Best wishes in your efforts!

Question Date: Tue, 10/03/2017