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How do you give focused advice to enhance practical application of this community toolbox?

Greetings! Thanks for your question!
In my experience, the best way to engage practical application of a tool is through case study, presenting a real-world issue to those you wish to use the toolbox and asking them to navigate and apply what's available to the case you've presented. This case may be an issue specific to the stakeholders and community you're engaging or it may be similar but about a different community. The trick is to create an exercise that offers an opportunity to use the tool in a lowered stakes environment so that those using the tool build their confidence in that application. For example, you could present the case of an organization wishing to engage in a strategic planning process but unsure of where to begin. The people you're trying to engage would then use the toolbox to advise this fictional organization.
I hope this helps. Thanks again for your question, and all the best for the future.

Question Date: Sat, 10/14/2017