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I have Traumatic Brain Injury from a domestic violence relationship and am curious to find the answer as to why I am still trying to connect with the right organization for help. I have been desperately trying so hard in getting help, assistance, housing, something to get me out of this nightmare of a situation im trapped in. I qualify for services still but yet have actually had help by anyone. Ive been destitute for over a year now and feel id be better off going back to my abuser of 6 years. At least id have food, shelter, clothes, hygeine, makeup, vehicle right? I just dont get why there are so many organizations that receive grant funding but someone like me, who prior to my injury, held a 4.2GPA and almost completed my masters program....Also, if I can be of any help, id love to represent the TBI, Victims of Abuse, PTSD, Disabled adults community by giving my testimony anytime. Thank you.

Dear Amanda,
I'm so sorry to hear about your frustration and difficulty. Your description of your situation certainly sounds dispiriting, but I'm sure many could learn from your obvious resilience. Unfortunately, I can't comment as to why you're struggling to get connected to the right organizations or people within the right organizations. Programs and processes tend to be very community-specific. If you've not already tried it, you might look into, which is a national program to help women, men, and families in domestic violence situations. They may be able to better direct you and to connect you with local groups with whom you can see about working as an advocate as well. 
I certainly wish you success in your endeavors and continued safety.
Take care,

Question Date: Sun, 10/29/2017