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what can be done if a neighbor is preventing a disabled person from exiting an apartment building?
I know of a friend who was not able to exit because a neighbor blocked a door to go outside.

Thank you for writing us with your important question. Of course, we do not know the details of your particular situation. But the usual first response would be to learn more about the neighbor's motivation and interests. Why did he or she feel it was necessary to block the door? 
This can usually be done by talking to the neighbor directly, in a non-confrontative manner. Can a solution be worked out that satisfies everyone's needs?  It is also possible that the neighbor's actions were illegal. You might want to research this in advance of a meeting, so that you know your legal options if necessary.
We hope this much may be helpful in arriving at a satisfactory solution, which should certainly be possible. We send best wishes for success. 

Question Date: Thu, 02/22/2018