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i am the head of a section in my company and i have noted that members in my unit are not aware of the safety procedures and i therefore decided to make them aware.Among the three types of communication which one would i use? and why?

Thank you for contacting us at Ask an Advisor. There are many potential communication channels, and you are correct to identify a plan to best get your message out.
The best form of communication is the one that the audience will notice, read (or watch or listen to), and engage with. What forms of communication typically work best within your unit? Do people in your unit notice flyers or posters? Do you have an internal, unit-wide newsletter or forum that could be used for this purpose? Does your unit use email, and will people read it? If you have a weekly unit meeting, could you use some or all of the time to make an announcement?
If your safety procedures are complex or if your message is lengthy, you might want to hold a training for people in your unit. That way, you can ensure a captive audience. Training sessions could be face to face, or could entail a teleconference or online training.
It may be that different people in your unit would respond better to different forms of communication. If so, it’s ok to use more than one approach to ensure everyone receives the information.
Of course, all of the above suggestions should take available time and resources into consideration. If you are short on either, that will help you narrow down your list of possible communication plans.
We hope this has been useful to you. For more information on communication planning, you might want to review some of the materials in Chapter 6 Section 1, “Developing a Plan for Communication.” If you think that your safety procedures are comprehensive enough to warrant a training, you may want to review the materials in Chapter 12 Section 2, “Designing a Training Session.” Good luck!

Question Date: Mon, 12/03/2018