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I am writing to connect myself to one of your wonderful professional advisors, for the following two purposes: 1) I am a master student in Urban Planning Program at KU. I am looking forward to talking with an advisor in person to study how emotions play a role of providing services to our community. 2) the goal of this project is to write a blog post regarding the interview for the purpose of introducing your professions/roles, as well for the advertising purposes. Therefore, I sincerely ask for a 15-minute meeting to interview one of your wonderful advisors. Thanks!

               Thank you for writing to us at the Community Tool Box.  In reviewing your question, we think the best place to start would be with faculty in your own master’s program.  Emotions clearly do affect a great many decisions, including decisions of service to the community, but we have no special expertise on the specifics. Exploring such questions with you seems properly like part of your program’s role. 
               If you cannot find what you want through your own program, you can contact us again at;  perhaps we could check to see if there are  available resources to help you further. Thanks again for writing, and best wishes in finding what you need.  

Question Date: Tue, 02/05/2019