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Dear advisors team
My name is Dr Fakri and I am from a city in Libya named Zwarah, I am planning to improve healthcare system in my city and I wish if I can get some collaboration from your side in terms of assessment planning, assessing needs or how I can create a project for this task
Thank you very much

Dear Dr. Fakri,
Thank you for writing Ask the Advisor!  We wish you all the best in developing your project to improve healthcare i n Zwarah!
Unfortunately, we are a volunteer system and cannot offer direct collaborations for projects. However, I do suggest you contact Mona M. Amer, Ph.D., monaamer75@GMAIL.COM, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology at the The American University in Cairo + (20-2) 2615-1832. They have a very strong group of community psychologists and may be able to put you in contact with collaborators.
As for assessment planning and assessing needs and developing a project, I suggest you start with the materials under "Learn a Skill" and browse the specific items you need. For each skill, there is usually a Toolkit that you can download, edit, and use as you wish! This is all free and is currently available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Farsi.
The Chapters you should probably look at first are:

 And the related Toolkits:

I hope directing you to these readings and resources are helpful to begin your project. I do hope that contacting Dr. Amer will put you in touch with people in North Africa and southern Europe who can help you!
Thank you, and best wishes for developing your project.
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Question Date: Tue, 05/28/2019