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Hi I head Community at a coworking space in India named 91springboard. We're focused on building workplace communities that make work more meaningful and easier for our members. One of the key touchpoints in their journey with us is how they're brought onboard and the interventions we create to help them settle in and become familiar with the existing members during their first few weeks. I'm seeking to speak to someone who's designed such interventions or communities (both brand communities & interest-based communities).


Hi Mithun
Thank you for reaching out to Ask an Advisor!
Your question raises an interesting point: the formation of "new" types of communities as new technologies of production are developed. The global rise of co-working spaces is one example of this phenomenon.
While different communities exist to fulfill different needs, there is one fundamental commonality: communities comprise of groups of people who have not only individual and communal, but also intra- and inter-communal needs. Community-engagement principles and processes - such as those contained in the Community Toolbox, are very useful for the development of interventions to improve the functioning of a community. 
Back to your question ... The toolkit for the assessment of community needs and resources may be a good starting point for you. In fact, you may even consider taking both your question and the toolkit to your community, getting them directly involved in defining the problem, and developing and assessing the viability of various solutions. Once you have a clear sense of what their needs are, develop an intervention plan in collaboration with the members of your community. The CTB Toolkits are fantastic resources in this regard. In this way, you will be able to accurately assess and address the community's real needs in way that encourages agency and a sense of ownership among community members.
I hope this is helpful!

Question Date: Thu, 07/11/2019