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The County Attorney's Office has asked me to provide a, "Letter of Request" in order to be placed on a list for funding next year. I serve Washington County Maryland residents that are in need of housing, jobs and transportation as they reenter the community pursuant to incarceration. Should I ask for money or just show proof of my 501C3 status and what services we provide and that we will be submitting applications for grants in the future?.

Thank you for your patience in my response. Also, thank you for your question. 
Without really knowing the local context, my response may or may not fit. I do hope it provides at least some insights, however. 
I would recommend talking informally to the County Attorney’s office, explaining your situation honestly, and asking for their advice on how to proceed. I often find that folks working in administrative offices such as this are more than willing to help and guide when and where they can. Considering they are a key role player in this system, they would likely have a significant amount more insight than I could provide. 
Thank you for writing in! Good luck on your work!

Question Date: Thu, 09/26/2019