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hello, sir/mam
My question is how this Community ToolBox Help to join people?
<a href="">Property Preservation Processes</a>

The Community Tool Box helps to join people by offering tools that can be used by individuals who are working to join people. Each Chapter includes information about how to work together to solve community problems or create stronger communities. The related Toolkits are also helpful. For example, Toolkit #1 is Creating and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships.  It includes resources to help bring people together in common purpose, assemble the group, form a collective plan and implement it together.
Chapters 27 and 28 help with cultural competence and spirituality and community building. This knowledge and the tools are helpful to not only bring people together, but help them to understand one another and work more effectively together.
I hope this answers your question and you will explore the information and tool kits to see how it can help you to create community and bring people together.

Question Date: Fri, 11/08/2019