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Hello Team,
I am a student at the University Of Northwestern-St. Paul and would like to ask for permission to cite your web platform of any material referenced in an academic presentation. I noticed the "All Rights Reserved," and "copy right patent," with a Licensed also. I or the University of Northwestern-St. Paul wish to have zero legal action brought to the person or academic organization if material used for the use in academic learning and presenting format. I will wait for your permission response before citing any material from this web platform.
Einar O. UNWSP Student

Hello Einar O.
The Community Tool Box likes it when people use our material and reference us. There is no problem with citing the web platform when you reference material in an academic presentation. The rights reservation and copyrighting are so that people can't take the material and pretend it is their own. Sharing the learning and citing it appropriately is not only OK, but it helps us to get the work out. So, thank you for using and citing the material, and thank you for asking.
The Community Tool Box Advisor

Question Date: Thu, 11/14/2019