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Question: 1) How do problems get on the public agenda?how this process work in pakistan?

The Community Tool Box offers guidance for Community Change and Promoting Community Health and Development in Chapters 1, 2,3, and especially Chapter 4 (Getting Issues on the Public Agenda). When you read these chapters, and any others, keep in mind that The Community Tool Box is U.S. based and the guidance provided generally reflects how things are done in the U.S. In our work, we have found that these same methods may not apply in other countries where there are differences in the government, laws, and culture. Using these methods without considering the context where you are can actually have negative outcomes.
Since you are interested in getting problems on the public agenda in Pakistan, I would suggest that you:
1. Browse the Chapters in The Community Tool Box to find what might be relevant and learn some more general possible techniques. For example, Chapter 3 gives guidance on assessing community needs and resources which may be helpful for you to clearly define the problems. And then, before you take any action  --
2. Find individuals who have been successful in Pakistan at getting problems on the public agenda and working to create change. Strategies that are effective in the U.S. may not be at all effective, or even possible in other countries. Again, sometimes strategies used in the U.S. may even have negative outcomes when they are used in other countries. So it is very important that you work with someone who is skilled in Pakistan and knows the laws and how the systems there work. The most important thing to consider if you want to be successful is how the systems work in Pakistan and which methods work best for bringing awareness in those systems.
I hope this is helpful.
The Community Tool Box Advisor

Question Date: Mon, 12/09/2019