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Am working on community mapping in Birmingham UK, especially faith community persepctive, as part of developing a route to the city becoming fully sustainable with net zero carbon emissions. Are there examples of your Community Tool Kit being used by UK cities? Is there experience of using the tool kit specifically in relation to sustainability and climate change? Thanks.

Dear Chris
many thanks for your interesting question.
About the topic: in Chapter 2 - ”Other Models for Promoting Community Health and Development”, Section 9 is precisely devoted to “community readiness”  Community readiness is related to the degree to which a community is ready to take action on an issue. This topic, and the suggested tools, revealed their usefulness in addressing matters related to climate change or ecological disasters.
See also Section 18, “PACE EH: Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health” It refers to a US project, but its features – I think – may be applied also in other countries.
About experiences in UK: you may find indications in Toolkit 11 “Influencing Policy Development”, Example 3 “Road Injury Traffic Prevention Policy Development in the UK”  Surely the issue is different, but you may have some ideas for working in a local community with the aim to impact also to national and local policies.
Many wishes for your work and many compliments for your commitment to environmental issues!

Question Date: Thu, 02/06/2020