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I want to start my own nonprofit and would like to connect with someone to consult about my idea and help to file my legal documents. Can I get some advise on how to go about this?

Dear Amee'ra
I may suggest you – first of all – to read Chapter 9 Section 1. “Organizational Structure: An Overview”
Take a look also to the other sections of the same Chapter, the Checklist and the Examples.
I don’t know the field of action your organization will be involved in, so it is difficult to give you more specific advice… About legal documents: legal rules may be different in the different local areas. Perhaps you have to ask a consultant with expertise in non-profit organizations. It is the more reliable help for you in a crucial time as the beginning of an activity. Or, meanwhile, you can look within nonprofit organizations in your context for someone who may be a “peer-support” for you (and who might be also a future partner for your projects).
Many wishes for your work!

Question Date: Thu, 02/13/2020