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Hello, Ask an Advisor:
The University of Phoenix, an accredited private university, would appreciate permission to link to the Community Tool Box website.

The link will be provided to students and may point to specific content that we feel may be useful for certain classes. The content will not be copied in any form and will be behind a password protected course page.

We have read your terms of use and in accordance with copyright, we are seeking permission.

Does the University of Phoenix have permission to link to the Community Tool Box website?

Thank you very much for your time!

Best regards,
Carla Smith
Research Librarian

HI Carla,
Yes, you can link to the CTB under the conditions you describe.  In fact, we encourage such uses.  The CTB also has a Use Policy governing this and similar situations, which you can find at  
In Community,
Ask an Advisor, 2021

Question Date: Thu, 11/04/2021