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My name is Shipra . I am 16 years old and a student of DPS Vasant Kunj , New Delhi, India. I am looking to open a club which is a free and safe space for the students to talk about youth and social issues faced by the country which impact the youth. In 2 years of time we will all be eligible to vote for the upcoming central elections i want to make sure that all of my school mates are fully aware of the present situation of the country and use their vote wisely. I wish to educate people of different gender identities and to respect. Some times we might not be aware and might unintentionally hurt someone.
i sincerely hope u will help us. My friends and i look up to you and are open to all suggestions to help introduce the plan to open this club in our school and help us present this to our principle .
Warm regards

HI Shipra,
I am so excited to hear about your passion for your community and wanting to establish a safe space for youth in your school to discuss politics. This resource from our community tool box will be a great place to start Chapter 20. Providing Information and Enhancing Skills | Section 9. Establishing Youth Organizations | Main Section | Community Tool Box ( This resource gives an example of a youth club. I wish you the best in your important work.
In Community,
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Question Date: Fri, 11/19/2021