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I am Enaam Al-Ananbeh from Jordan, a registered nurse hold the PhD in nursing. It was an interesting topic "Windshield survey" and I got fruitful information from it. Nowadays I am working on a Home Visit project and I need a guidelines for conducting HVs in Jordan for nurses and midwives who will conduct the HVs.
Further, I need to know how to establish a work plan on HVs.
thank you

Dear Enaam,
I am glad to hear that our resources have been helpful thus far and applaud your commitment to best practices in your community work. You may find this article/case study helpful as it discusses best practices for developing an intervention and the intervention is related to public health and includes home visits: Example 7: Sanitation in Komo, Kenya: An intervention Developed by The Ministry of Public Health & Sanitation | Community Tool Box (
In community,
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Question Date: Sat, 11/27/2021