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Good Afternoon
I have a at risk youth curriculum that I need to be researched. Do you have any resources available

     Thank you for your question.  We do not offer curricula for at-risk youth ourselves. But if we understand your question correctly, we can safely say that there is no shortage of such curricula that you can examine and draw upon.
      One of many is produced by a well-established organization called ARISE, at  We do not necessarily recommend or endorse it, but rather mention it as one of many that are available.
     What we do offer are training curricula in general, for those wishing to improve their skills in doing community work.  This curriculum takes the form of 16 separate curriculum modules (examples: Building Leadership; Analyzing Problems and Goals), each with its own participant guide and interactive activities.  If you are interested, you can learn more at
      We hope this information may be useful to you. Thanks again for writing, and all best wishes as your work proceeds.

Question Date: Wed, 09/28/2022