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I am starting a group called "A New Beginning" We only have NA and AA in our small community and we need a group that focuses on awareness and a social support we will be meeting weekly and volunteering or doing activities together every 2 weeks I really want to make this happen I just dont know how to get funding for it. I just want to help our community get involved and gain awareness and support addicts like myself in recovery and I think a positive social support is crucial. How would I go about it. I have the location made flyers and I just dont know how to get funding please help

     Thank you for writing to us.  It’s wonderful that you want to start a new group – we agree that social support is very important – and we think it’s definitely possible to do so.   Congratulations on your motivation to do it.  
    We‘re not sure that funding in this case is necessary though. Many support groups come together and thrive without any funding at all.  Actually, that’s probably true for most support groups; we have been members of such support groups ourselves.  
      If you can get together with people in your community who have the same interests and goals as you do, that may be most of what you need.  (It’s generally helpful in these situations to work together with others.) Perhaps you could actually try this out,  think together with some others about what might be possible, and see how it goes. You may find you can start the group just with the resources you already have. And once your group starts meeting, you may find that your group also has the resources to do educational and outreach activities at the same time.
     However, you might decide that you want a group leader or facilitator with some experience in the field.  In that case, you could contact a local organization that deals with addiction issues and see if they could find a staff person willing to donate time. Once a week sounds possible.      
     And if after consideration you decide that you did need some money for expenses (e.g., printing flyers), you might look for business sponsors who could make direct contributions or donate some of their services.
      In addition, if you decided to apply for larger grant funding, the different sections in Chapter 42 of the Community Tool Box,  on Getting Grants and Financial Resources, at, should give you a start. 
      We hope these thoughts may be helpful to you. Thanks again for being in touch, and all best wishes for success as your important work continues.

Question Date: Mon, 10/03/2022