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how can a school and community work together to ensure the children are learning effectively and efficiently and feeling safe while walking to school or while sitting in class learning the curriculum what approach can be done or made after the parent teacher meeting of what the district did or trying to do I am a student major in social work and i want to be a major part of the change that is needed how can i start a community movement while working together with the community leaders

            It’s excellent that you are thinking about these issues and seem so engaged in your work.  As you may realize, you are asking several different questions in your note:  (1) How can schools and communities work together?  (2) How can follow-up to parent-teacher meetings best occur?  and (3) How to start a community movement?
            These are all big questions, and important questions too. We could write at length about all of them. But we think it would be hard for you to take on all of these questions at the same time, even though you may be young and full of problem-solving energy,
            Instead, if you want to become more effective in your community and create desired change, it might be better to focus your energies on a particular question. Ask yourself “What, specifically, is it that I want to do?” Think carefully and planfully. Your plans will help guide your actions – and this will both help you become more focused in your work while also leading to better results.
            In addition to these specific points, the Community Tool Box contains quite a bit of general material on interventions that you might want to consult. We’d recommend in particular Chapter 18, Deciding Where to Start, at, especially Section 1 within that chapter.  The sections in Chapter 19, on interventions, should also be helpful. 
            We hope some of these thoughts will be useful for you as your studies continue.  Thanks for contacting us, and all best wishes for a very successful community career!

Question Date: Thu, 11/03/2022