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We are looking for a good evaluation model and descriptive narrative (sample) for community oriented disaster preparedness workshops (any close or similar topics would be fine). We are just looking to use it as a model. Would you be able to point us in the right direction? Thankyou in advance.

            The Community Tool Box has some materials that may be useful to you, if you’ve not had the chance to look at them already.  
            Specifically, you might take a look at the different sections in Chapter 1, “Our Model for Community Change and Improvement,” at, and especially Section 5 in  that Chapter, “Our Evaluation Model,” at
             You could also consult our sections on Evaluation itself, which are found in Chapters 36-39, and examine some additional resources simply by searching the Tool Box under “Evaluation Model.”
            One more source with a different origin: Some years ago, many of our community psychology colleagues collaborated on a disaster recovery manual called “How to Help Your Community Recover from Disaster: A Manual for Planning and Action,”  based on the best psychological knowledge at the time. It’s no longer new, having been published in 2010, but we think the basic concepts and processes still hold true and remain instructive. See for yourself at
            We hope some of these sources might be helpful to you and your colleagues. Thanks for writing to us, and all best wishes to you and your group as your important work continues.

Question Date: Sun, 11/06/2022