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Hi there,

Love what you are doing! I would like to know to be a peer parent advocate inlolved in supporting parents involved with child protection; What forms and templates would I need?
Further question I would also like to become a patient advocate and have the same questions about that.

Thank you

            Thanks for being in touch with us. It’s excellent to know of your interest in becoming an advocate, whether it be for parents or patients, and we warmly applaud that.
            At the Community Tool Box, we can offer some general background materials on Advocacy.  These are found in Chapters 30-35 in our Table of Contents. We suggest you take a general look at the different sections within those chapters, and then focus on those that might interest you. Toolkit #10 in our table of contents, on Advocacy, may be useful to you as well.  
            However, we’re not able to provide you with particular forms or templates, largely because what you’d need would vary both with where you live and what particular group or organization you would like to get involved with. These differ widely, and will have their own policies, procedures, and documentation requirements. 
            We think your best bet would be to identify one or more settings in your geographic area where you might like to become involved.  Then, learn about the most knowledgeable people in that setting (the “gatekeepers”), and inquire, perhaps by making a virtual or in-person appointment. 
            When you meet, describe your situation, and ask for advice and guidance. In that way, you can learn more about the local lay of the land, and what you’d need to do to get where you want to go.  
            We hope these thoughts may be helpful to you. Thanks again for being in touch, and all best wishes as you pursue your goals.

Question Date: Fri, 11/11/2022