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My name is Elizabeth Morgan. I have spent the last 2 years studying and researching impacts and treatment for trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, with a focus on sexual abuse trauma. This is because one of my children, my daughter who turned 16 today) is a victim of sexual trauma from a family member.

I started college in 2008, and took many classes on psychology, and wrote most research papers with a focused and focus on mental health. Though I was unaware of what my daughter was going through until late November 2017, I have a significant amount of family members who struggle with mental health, and therefore I have always had a strong desire to understand their struggles as well as some withib myself. I am active duty Army National Guard, with nearly 14 years of service. I have an BS degree as well as an AA Degree in Organizational Management. My experience outside of personal research includes EMT, medical management, case coordinator, and about 5 years of training and operations of multiple small companies.
Since May 2020, my family and I have worked closely with the wrap around program in Indiana to focus on my daughter's recovery.
As the years pass and I see retirement quickly approaching, I am looking to get involved in my state and community and focus my career change in advocating awareness, making resources more known and readily available, and actively participating in policy change.
I have started by enrolling in FRIENDS Online Learning Courses for additional knowledge, but I am looking for guidance on getting actively involved.
I greatly appreciate your time, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

            Thank you for writing to us at the Community Tool Box.  We applaud your interest and desire to get more involved in  increasing awareness, promoting resources, and creating policy change. We think you’ll find no shortage of things to do!
            We are not able to suggest specific contact people in the particular area where you live.  But speaking generally, in your place we would take an inventory of what is currently being done in your area, and then reach out to the people who are doing it.  You’d want to dialogue with them by whatever means seems most feasible – in-person if you can do it, or by e-mail or phone.
            You’d describe your situation, background, and interests, and ask for their suggestions for your next steps.  You could offer some volunteer time if you are able to do so, or explore paid opportunities if you are looking for those.   Through these dialogues, you can better learn from those who are closest to the scene and actually doing the work.
            We are confident that many of those you talk to will be glad to know about you, since it’s clear from your question that you have much to give in this area.
           One more note, just FYI, is that the Community Tool Box has just developed  a new online curriculum in community building that might be of interest to you.  You could check it out at
            We hope some of these thoughts might be useful to you. Thanks again for writing, and all best wishes as your investigation proceeds.

Question Date: Thu, 01/05/2023