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in a power point presentation how many sentences and what font size is recommended

how many is too many visuals? and should visuals be placed throughout or at end of presentation?

          Thank you for writing to us.  Very generally speaking, PowerPoint presentations typically have no more than five lines on a slide, and no more than five words per line. Minimum font size should usually be at least 30.  Visuals should be normally interspersed in your presentation. There are exceptions to all these guidelines, depending on your particular situation.
          To answer your questions, and many more, may we refer you to two guides, both of which you can download freely online.
1.   Basic Tasks for Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
contains a summary of basic key points, and
2.   The Beginner’s Guide to Nailing Your Next PowerPoint
is more complex and detailed, with thoughts on putting more of your personality into the presentation.
          There are a great many similar guides available, which you can find by a simple online search.
          We hope these sources will be helpful to you.  All best wishes with any presentations you may give.

Question Date: Tue, 01/24/2023