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14. We need to assure better conditions for implementation.

1. Do staff, community members, and other key agents have the knowledge and skills to facilitate this work?

2. Are key agents able to do what is needed in the face of competing requirements and demands?

3. Does the initiative have the necessary organizational leadership and competence?

4. Do group members have a history of collaboration and working together about what is important?

5. Is support for carrying out this process of sufficient amount, quality, and continuity?

6. Is there adequate time and effort devoted to implementing targeted actions?

7. Are barriers to participation (e.g., language, child care, transportation) removed to permit full participation in the effort by those most affected?

8. Is the process adapted to fit and address local needs and context?

9. Are there opportunities for sustaining the process?

10. Does use of the process avoid negative side effects and ethical concerns?