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13. Not enough money to sustain the program or initiative.

1. Have we developed a plan for financial sustainability?

2. Do we know how to select prospective funders?

3. Have we created a business plan?

4. Have we sought grant funding?

5. Did we set goals for resources needed to sustain the organization and/or its activities after the project/current funding?

6. Do we know which of our programs should continue over the long term?

7. Do we have a plan in place to institutionalize or sustain the initiative (e.g., do we know how to continue our programs, practices, etc.?)?

8. Do we know how to find continuing, regular support for one of our programs?

9. Do we know how to encourage others to adopt our mission and objectives?

10. Do we know how to keep our message alive even if our group disappears?

11. Have we made a decision to institutionalize one or more of our programs?

12. Have we planned to institutionalize our initiative (e.g., have we planned to continue our program, practice, etc.?)?

13. Have we planned to extend our efforts to help more people in the broader community?