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What's the best way to plan?

___Planning is done as a group

___Plans are recorded in a way that is easy to get at and use later

What should we plan?

___Planning is done under six headings: goals; resources and assets; supporters /opponents; targets and agents of change; strategy; and tactics

How do we plan for goals or objectives?

___Planning is done for long-term, intermediate, and short-term

___Objectives are SMART + C: Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Relevant; Timed; and Challenging

How should resources and assets be included in the plan?

___The following resources are included: funds; people currently available, and likely to be available in the future; important contacts; and facilities

How should degrees of community support be included in the plan?

___Make an inventory of allies and opponents

___Check to see if people who are normally opposed to you may support you and if those who normally support you may oppose this goal

Which specific people or agencies should be included as targets or agents of change?

___Refer to your work in digging up the root causes of the problem

___Identify the person (or agency) who absolutely needs to make a change if your goals are to be achieved

___Think about people who can be agents of change - include those who at first sight might look like targets for change, but may be able to be "turned," so they become agents for the group's goals

How should you plan your strategy?

___Decide on your strategy

___Prepare to be flexible, reacting to changing needs and conditions

___Make sure that each strategy you consider will help reach your goals; will suit your style; will use your allies appropriately; and will work

How should you plan your tactics?

___Pick those that best carry out your strategy

___As you plan each tactic, decide who will do it, when, with what resources, using which allies, and ponder what opposition and resistance it might meet

How should you put it all together?

___You have a loose-leaf binder or computer file in which to store the separate sections

___Or make big charts showing the plans for each action across different sections

___Or both