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Tool: Opinion Poll

Here's a general poll about local issues in a community that you can use when gathering information on opinions.

Instructions: Please complete the following survey and return in the enclosed postage -paid envelope. All answers will be kept confidential and will be used for statistical purpose only.

  1. Generally speaking, what do you think is the most important problem facing our state today?

___Economy (go to 2)

___Agriculture (go to 4)

___Environment (go to 4)

___Don't know (go to 4)

___Other - specify __________(go to 4)

  1. If your answer was ECONOMY for the above question, then what part of the economy do you think is the biggest part of the for us now?


___Interest rates


___Budget deficit


___Other - specify__________

___Don't know

  1. In general, how good a job would you say the local legislature is doing in solving your economic problems?





  1. How do you feel about an income tax break for school tuition? This would be a tax break for parents who send their children to private or parochial schools must pay tuition.

___Favor (go to 5)

___Oppose (go to 6)

___Don't know (go to 6)

  1. Would you favor an income tax break for tuition even if it reduced the money available for public schools?



___Don't know

  1. Some people think current environmental policy hinders the community's economic growth. Others do not think so. Do you think current environmental policy hinders economic growth?

___Hinders growth a great deal

___Somewhat hinders growth

___Has no effect

___Helps growth somewhat

___Helps growth a great deal

___Don't know

  1. One issue of current concern is the new wastewater disposal policy under consideration by the Legislature. How concerned about this issue are you?

___Greatly concerned

___Moderately concerned

___Slightly concerned

___Not concerned at all

___Don't know

  1. Regardless of how you may vote in the upcoming election, do you generally consider yourself to be a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

___Independent (go to 9)

___Democrat (go to 10)

___Republican (go to 10)

___Don't know (go to 10)

  1. Do you generally consider yourself to be closer to the Democratic or Republican parties?




___Still don't know

  1. When it comes to receiving information on local current events, which information source do you rely the most? (choose only ONE)




___Other - specify __________

  1. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

___Some high school

___High school diploma or GED

___Some college

___Bachelor's Degree

___Other - specify __________

  1. What year were you born? __________

  2. What was your reported income year, before taxes?

___Under $25,000

___Between $25,000 and $40,000

___Over $40,000