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___Your organization wants to register voters because:

  • It helps to build a strong democracy
  • It increases the power of your organization to influence policies
  • It increases your involvement
  • It helps people to realize that they can have an impact
  • It can be educational and self-esteem-building

___You have found out if you need to be deputized before you can resister voters by contacting your Election Commissioner or County Clerk.

___If you are not allowed to register voters, you have considered other things to do:

  • Encourage people to vote
  • Help people obtain and fill out the forms
  • Participate in get-out-the-vote campaigns

___Your organization has decided to register voters.

___You have appointed someone to coordinate the activities.

___You have set voter registration goals

___You know what the local registration rules are.

___You have plenty of forms for clients to fill out

___You know how to use the forms

___You have publicized the fact that you are registering voters

___You were clear that your registration policies are nonpartisan

___You have extended your help to those who needed it

___You have kept a record of the names and phone numbers of people who you registered .

___You have decided to run a voter registration drive

___You have chosen a day or days to hold the registration drive

___You have decided where and how to reach your audience

___You have recruited volunteers to help who understand that the effort is nonpartisan

___You want to persuade people to vote by employing some of the following strategies :

  • Making it easy for people to register and vote
  • Finding out why people aren't registered
  • Find a way to respond to reasons for not voting
  • Offer incentives to people who register

___You have thanked the people you have talked to.

___You have considered the possible ways to get people who have registered to actually vote.