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What do we mean by developing a proposal for change?

___A proposal for change is a plan (or sometimes just a group of suggestions) for addressing a situation, an issue, or a condition of importance to the community.

A proposal for change might take the form of:

___An intervention or series of interventions.

___Legislative language or legislation.

___Funding or other resources to expand existing services.

___A long-range strategic plan.

Why develop a proposal for change?

___You're more credible and in a stronger position if you can offer solutions to a problem, rather than merely pointing out what's wrong.

___You almost undoubtedly know more about the issue, the field, and the community than policy makers do.

___You can draw on local people and resources that policy makers wouldn't think to consult or use.

___You establish your group as the authority on the issue.

___You have an investment in the community that policy makers don't have.

___If you develop the proposal yourself, you know it will include everything you believe is necessary to meet the needs of the community.

___Presenting your own proposal helps to educate the public to appropriate avenues for change, and can enlist them as advocates.

___If the proposal is generated locally, especially if it's developed through a participatory process, it gives the community ownership of it.

___Your proposal defines the issue and frames the debate about it.

Who should develop a proposal for change?

___All stakeholders.

___Community activists.

___Local officials.

___Community members and groups who'll be indirectly affected.

___Researchers and experts in the field.

___Policy makers.

When should you develop a proposal for change?

___At the beginning of an advocacy campaign.

___At the start of a legislative campaign.

___When there's an obvious problem, but no obvious solution.

___When policy makers or funders have indicated that they're about to address an issue or a particular area.

___When potentially bad solutions are being proposed.

___During, or leading up to, an election.

___When the public, or a segment of the public, wants a problem solved or an issue attended to.

How do you develop a proposal for change?

___Assemble a team to develop it


___Do your research


___Analyze the issue


___Develop your proposal


___Create a plan for maintaining change


___Present and advocate for the proposal