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Reasons to become friends with the media:

___Increase awareness about group

___Help recruit members

___Raise awareness of issues

___Positive publicity

Making friends with the media:

___You are informed

___You are up to date on current events that effect your organization

___You have studied various news sources

___You know who is sympathetic to your field of interest

___You paid attention to advertisers to get an idea of who the audience is

___You have chosen a method to get attention:

  • News media
  • PSA
  • Press release
  • Press conference
  • Paid advertisement

___You have tailored your story to each media outlet you have chosen

___You are comfortable with all forms of media

___You have assembled a press kit that includes background information on your organization

___When appropriate, you have sent out information packets to the media

___You have followed up with a phone call, emphasizing the importance of your issue