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Creating news stories the media wants:

___The audience you want to reach has been chosen

___You have decided what medium would be most effective to use for your story

___Your news story is appropriate in length

___Your story has a fresh and unique spin

___You have decided on a news angle, some possibilities are:

  • Anniversary
  • Breakthrough
  • Celebrity supported
  • Controversial
  • Injustice
  • Ironic
  • Local interest
  • Milestone
  • Human interest
  • Seasonal

___Your story is full of facts or human interest, depending on the angle you have chosen

___If possible, you have used a combination of news angles for your story

___Contact reporters with everything they need to write the story

___Target reporters who will be interested in the stories you have to offer

___Remember that reporters are busy and respect their deadlines and their time

___Become a “go-to” organization for the media by gaining their trust

___Work to maintain your relationships and reputation with the media over the long term