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Section 4. Using Community Sectors to Reach Targets and Agents of Change

What do we mean by community sectors?

___Community sectors are the various groups that people in the larger community might be divided into for reasons of common social, political, economic, cultural, or religious interests

___Membership in sectors often overlaps

___Different communities may contain sectors specific to those types of communities

___Sectors that exist in many or most communities include:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Law enforcement
  • Government
  • Business
  • Youth
  • Parents
  • The media
  • Human services
  • Religion
  • Service/fraternal organizations
  • Community activist and volunteer groups
  • Arts and culture
  • Housing and development
  • Sports and recreation
  • The environment
  • Agriculture

Who are the targets and agents of change?

___Targets of change are either those whose behavior you want to change or those who stand to benefit from the changes your effort aims to bring about

__ Primary targets of change are those whose behavior you’re trying to change directly

___Secondary targets of change are those who stand to benefit from changes in others’ behavior or in circumstances, rather than from changes in their own behavior

___Agents of change are those – policy makers, for example – who can help to bring change about

___Agents of change are often primary targets of change as well, especially in advocacy efforts

Why use community sectors to reach targets and agents of change?

___To reach hard-to-contact populations

___To ensure representation from all sectors of the community

___To build trust

___To take advantage of the knowledge of people in different sectors

___To bring sectors together

___To raise awareness of the issue throughout the community

___To gain widespread community support

How do you use community sectors to reach targets and agents of change?

___Determine whom you need to reach

___Decide what sectors might be needed to reach the desired group(s)

___Determine who in a given sector is the best contact, and establish that contact

___Clarify what you’re asking for

___Be creative

___Use the media to reach people through the channels they normally pay attention to

___Keep at it