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___You understand that an intervention can be a program, a change in policy, or a practice that becomes popular

___You understand that interventions focus on people's behaviors, and how changes in the environment can support those behaviors

___You understand the advantages of developing interventions

___You understand when you should develop or redesign interventions

Developing the intervention:

___You have decided what needs to happen

___You have used a measurement system to gather information about the level of the problem

___You have decided whom the intervention needs to help

___You have involved potential clients or end users of the intervention

___With these clients, you have identified the issues or problems you will attempt to solve together

___You have analyzed these problems or the issue to be addressed in the intervention

___You have set goals and objectives

___You have learned what others have done

___You have brainstormed your own ideas

___You have tried to decide what interventions or parts of interventions have worked, and what might be applicable to your situation

___You have identified barriers and resistance you might come up against

___You have identified core components and elements of the intervention

___You have developed an action plan to carry out the intervention

___You have pilot-tested your intervention

___You have implemented your intervention