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Section 3. Identifying Targets and Agents of Change: Who Can Benefit and Who Can Help

___You understand that targets of change are people who experience the problem or issue or are directly at risk and who contribute to the problem through their actions or inactions

___You understand that agents of change are those who can influence the people and conditions that contribute to the problem or issue

___You understand that targets and agents of change may be the same people

You know what agents of change do:

___They establish strong relationships with the people most affected

___They diagnose the issue or problem

___They convince the people experiencing the issue of the need for (and the possibility of) a change

___They help make that change happen

___They help maintain that change

You know how to identify targets and agents of change:

___You know the problem or issue you want to address

___You know who might resist the changes you want to make

For targets of change:

___You know who is affected by the problem

___You know who has previously been affected by the problem

___You know who the peers of those affected are

For agents of change:

___You know who has the power to bring about change

___You know who has the time, resources, and desire to bring about change

___You know who might be able to do it, if your organization can convince them

___You know who already has a relationship with your targets of change

___You have considered people who were (or are) targets

For both:

___You have thought about people from all parts of your community

___You have considered those your organization particularly wants to target or work with