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What is a needs assessment survey?

___It has a pre-set list of questions to be answered

___It has a pre-determined sample

___It is conducted by interview, phone, or written response

___Its results are tabulated, summarized, distributed, discussed, and used

Why should you do a needs assessment survey?

___To learn more about what your group or community needs are

___To get a more honest and objective description of needs than people might tell you publicly

___To become aware of possible needs you never knew about

___To document your needs

___To make sure your future actions are in line with expressed community needs

___To garner greater support

___To involve more people in the subsequent action

When should you do a needs assessment survey?

___When your group is just starting out

___When there is doubt as to what the most important needs are

___When group members disagree on this point themselves

___When you need to convince outside funders or supporters that you are addressing the most important community problems

___When you want to ensure community support

When should you not do a needs assessment survey?

___When there is absolutely no doubt as to what needs to be done

___When it is urgent to act right now

___When an assessment has been done recently

___When you feel the community would see an assessment as redundant or wasteful

How do you carry out a needs assessment survey?

___Identify reasons for choosing to do this survey

___Identify goals for the survey

___Make sure you are ready to conduct the survey

___Decide how much time you have to do the survey

___Decide how many people you are going to question

___Decide who will be asked

___Decide what questions will be asked

___Decide who will ask the questions

___Create a draft of the survey

___Try out the survey on a test group

___Revise the survey

___Administer the survey

___Tabulate the results

___Interpret the results

___Plan future actions

___Implement the actions

___Repeat the assessment

Bill Berkowitz