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Section 22. Using Small Area Analysis to Uncover Disparities

Example #1: The Hot Spotters – Camden, New Jersey

In this article in The New Yorker, Atul Gawande shares the story of a local physician using data to map/ locate and help the neediest patients or “super-users” of the medical system. Ultimately, using targeted intervention, he is able to help them stabilize and improve their health and reduce health care costs.


Example #2: Small Area Analysis – Lawrence, Kansas

As part of a comprehensive community health assessment, small area analysis was used to provide data about areas in Douglas County, Kansas, experiencing disparities in socio-demographic and health care outcomes (see p. 27-30 of report).


Example #3: We Are Wyandotte: Interactive Story Maps - Wyandotte County, Kansas

The following maps look at opportunity areas in Wyandotte County and show, on a neighborhood level, areas of opportunity and where those areas overlap.

Christina Holt