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___You understand that a community presentation is a live, face-to-face description of your viewpoint to a local group.

___You understand that a community presentation can be done in many formats, such as public speeches, informal talks, town meetings, debates, workshops, or seminars.

You understand the reasons to make community presentations:

___To increase community awareness and understanding

___To increase support

___To encourage community involvement and action

You understand when you should make presentations:

___When community awareness or understanding is low

___When you have new or important information about the issue

___When the community is receptive to such information

___When action needs to be taken quickly

You know how to make community presentations:

___You have decided on the best communication format.

___You know who your audience will be.

___You have recruited the audience members you want.

___You know the presentation setting.

___You have clarified your objectives.

___You have developed an outline.

___You have selected your materials.

___You have practiced.

___You have used your notes.

___You "brought them to their feet!"

___You are prepared for questions.

___You have followed up on your talk.