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Section 4. Talking About Risk and Protective Factors Related to Community Issues

___You understand that risk and protective factors are aspects of a person's environment that make it more likely (risk factors) or less likely (protective factors) that she will experience a given problem.

You understand that risk factors for adolescent substance use include:

___Economic deprivation

___Availability of substances

___Family history of drug abuse

___Academic failure

___Having friends who use drugs

You understand that protective factors for substance use include:

___Bonding with non-users

___Skills training

___Healthy beliefs and clear standards

You understand that you should talk about risk and protective factors with community members for the following reasons:

___To focus on prevention

___To focus on costs

___To focus on benefits

___To focus on awareness

You understand how to talk about risk and protective factors:

___You know the important risk and protective factors for your issue.

___You have documented each risk or protective factor.

___You have decided exactly what you want to achieve by talking about risk and protective factors (enhance knowledge or convince people to take action).

___You have chosen your battle.

___You know your audience, and have tailored your message to those with whom you are communicating.

___You have thought about what else you are saying.

___You have decided what form of communication is most appropriate and feasible.

___You have evaluated what you have done.