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Section 6. Coalition Building II: Maintaining a Coalition

___You understand that maintenance of a coalition and other social partnerships is as important as physical-world maintenance for optimal functioning.

___You have made a decision to engage in maintenance, considering the various parts of the coalition that need attention:

  • The coalition's reason for being-its vision, mission and objectives
  • The basic governance and operating rules of the coalition
  • The coalition leadership
  • The coalition membership
  • The division of labor, within and among the leaders and members
  • The coalition's strategic and action plans, both short-and longer-term
  • The coalition's actions and results, so that it is accomplishing something (what it means to) in the world
  • The coalition's funding, so that those accomplishments can be continued
  • The coalition's visibility in the larger community
  • The coalition's public support
  • The spirit of the coalition

___ You have designed a maintenance plan, deciding:

  • who should design the plan (or multiple plans if appropriate)
  • how comprehensive the plan should be
  • how formal the plan should be
  • who should carry out the plan
  • how frequently maintenance should take place

___ You carry out your maintenance plan, including external or internal review. Internal review may be formal or informal.

___ You consider and choose, if appropriate, alternatives to maintaining the coalition

  • Growing
  • Spinning off
  • Changing focus
  • Cutting back
  • Ending
  • Staying the way you are