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Section 8. Conducting Interviews with Key Participants to Analyze Critical Events

You understand that critical events might include:

___Applying for grant funds

___Brainstorming, writing, editing, and completing a draft of your action plan

___Fulfilling any or all of your group's objectives

___Facing a crisis in your community or within your group

___Changing the direction of your mission

___Any other major event

You understand why it is important to interview key participants regarding key events:

___Critical events provide qualitative information

___Critical events can provide a history of the initiative

___Critical events help identify factors that affected the initiative's success or failure

___Critical events can provide you with insights for planning and renewal efforts

___You understand the importance of conducting interviews with key participants at least every few years, or at the end of a grant period

You know how to conduct interviews with key participants:

___Determine who will be interviewed

___Conduct the interviews

___Put the information together (perhaps in the form of a report)

___Use the data to better understand the initiative, provide a history, and aid in renewal efforts