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Section 8. Conducting Interviews with Key Participants to Analyze Critical Events

Tool: Template for conducting interview about critical events

This form can be used to gather important information when interviewing group members.

Background Information


Key Participant:

Participant's position / involvement with the initiative

Date and Time:



Critical Events

List all critical events, and then for each, ask about the following aspects:

Rationale: Why was this event particularly important?

Context / Conditions: What was going on at the time of the event? What made the conditions right for this to happen?

Key actions and actors: What key actions brought about the critical event? Who were the key actors?

Barriers and resistance: Were the group's actions met with barriers or resistance? What types of barriers? Who resisted?

Key resources: What key resources (e.g., people, financial resources, political influence) were used to bring about the critical event? How were these resources used to overcome barriers and resistance?

Consequences for the initiative: What were the consequences or results of the critical event for the initiative?

Consequences for the community: What were the consequences for the community?

Overall lessons: Overall, what lessons have you learned from your involvement with the initiative? What lessons have you learned from the initiative's attempts to define and act on its mission?

Future directions: What issues does the initiative face in the future? What challenges should be addressed?