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What does it mean to rate member satisfaction?

___You understand that the member survey of goals asks community members to respond to action plans during the planning stages of the group

___You understand that the member survey of process gathers opinions from members of the coalition once it has begun work in the community

How do you conduct the member survey of process?

___You understand the four steps of the member survey of process: developing a survey; obtaining the ratings; assessing satisfaction with different aspects of the group; using the data to improve the functioning of the initiative

___Hold a small meeting of those who might be interested in developing a survey and brainstorm possible areas for questions

___Send out a preliminary draft of the survey to your most active members and ask them to comment, add, and take out questions

___Develop the questions to assess satisfaction with aspects of the group, including planning and implementation, leadership, services, community involvement with the group, progress and outcome

___After the surveys have been written, have members of the group distribute them to all the other members of the group

___After the respondents have completed and returned the anonymous surveys to the evaluation team, start looking at the information to determine what changes might need to happen in the structure of the group

___Tabulate the results of the survey