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Section 2. Gathering Information: Monitoring Your Progress

Tool 1: Event Log

The event log form is designed to help you record major activities of your group's initiative, such as community actions. They are also used to record any changes in the community facilitated by the initiative.

Event log for: ______________

Site: ____________________                        Recorder: ____________________

For this form, please describe:

  • Actions taken to bring about changes in the community related to your initiative
  • Changes in programs, policies, and practices related to your intiative
Date Event Description

Give broad information about the event.

  • Include why it is important and
  • what happened as a result.
  • Who was involved?
  • What organizations were the collaborators?
  • What community sector or objective does this relate to?
  • Was this the first time the event happened?










Tool 2: Observational codes for the monitoring system

These tables provide a list of key events, definitions, and examples of items using the observational code for the monitoring system as well as general instructions on how to code key events on the event logs.

Codes for Internal Events

Code Definition Examples
Planning Product (PP) Products or residuals of planning activities within the group
  • Statement of objectives
  • Formation of committees or task forces with established members
  • Grant application
Resources Generated (RG) Acquisition of funding through grants, donations, or gifts in-kind
  • Materials received
  • People's time (except volunteers)
  • Money

Codes for External Events

Code Definition Examples
Community Action (CA) Actions taken to bring about changes in the community related to the initiative's goals
  • Actions that attempt to modify or create a new program, policy, or practice
  • Petitions
Community Change (CC) Changes in programs, policies, or practices of governmental bodies - agencies, businesses, and other sectors of the community that are related to the initiative's goals
  • A new or modified service program
  • A new or modified policy (e.g., tobacco control)
  • A new or modified practice (e.g., regarding office hours)
Services Provided (SP) Events that are designed to inform or educate people
  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Communications such as bill stuffers
Media (M) Each instance of radio time, television time, newspaper article, brochure, or newsletter
  • Radio
  • TV (e.g., Public Service Announcements)
Other (O) Items for which no other code applies, or no definition has been created