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You understand when to apply for a grant:

___You want to start a new project or expand an existing one

___You know of a granting agency that makes awards for the costs you envision

___You know that you meet the eligibility standards

___You have the time and energy necessary for the grant-writing process

___You understand when not to apply for a grant:

  • When you can do excellent work with little or no money
  • When money can be a drawback
  • Other ways to get money

Steps for applying for grants:

___You are clear about your reason for applying

___You know the types of support available

___You are focusing on the type of support you want

___You have searched the field

___You have narrowed the field

___You have investigated your leading prospects

___You know the guidelines

___You have followed the guidelines

___You have asked questions, as needed

___You have considered a meeting with the funding source

___You have asked others to make contacts for you

___You have built community support

___You have formed a working group

___You have gotten expert advice

___You used a successful model

___You have learned from rejection