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Example 1: Implementing a Mini-Grant Program for Self-Help Initiatives

After conducting a health concerns survey and forming a local health concerns coalition, The United Way of Douglas County was awarded $10,000 from the Kansas Health Foundation to administer a mini-grants program and disperse the funds.

This mini-grants program awarded grants to both informal and formal organizations addressing stated community health concerns, in the areas of health promotion and disease prevention particularly in the areas of cardiovascular disease, cancer, substance use, and maternal/infant care.

Special attention was given to those applications proposing self-help projects, those with significant involvement by community members experiencing the health problem (e.g., an adolescent pregnancy program led by Teen-age mothers), and projects that encouraged collaboration between community members and organizations.

For example, one mini grant was awarded to a program called "1st Step Nutrition" which was a nutrition program for women recovering from drug abuse. Another mini-grant was awarded to a group developing a "Youth Yellow Pages" which was book of resources for youth in the community. A third mini-grant was awarded to a group developing a video for breast cancer prevention.

These programs then went on to implement their projects, and, eventually, reported the results of their projects to the Douglas county United Way mini-grant program staff.


Example 2: Latino Health for All Minigrant Process

This minigrant proposal was developed to provide resources needed to implement the Coalition's priority strategies with 3 main objectives: to increase healthy nutrition, physical activity, and access to health services. Read more.