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___You have analyzed your target population and initiative to determine what type and degree of outreach can help you achieve your objectives.

___You have determined staffing needs.

___If you decide to use Community Health Advisors or Workers (some form of trained outreach educator), you look for workers who live in the community who understand the needs, concerns, and questions of the people they serve, and know the barriers they face.

___You have developed training for staff.

___You have chosen a physical space carefully if you need one

___You have developed strategies and action plans for your effort using principles for effective program design.

___You have used existing resources for your initiative (such as those made available by national organizations).

___You have identified and contacted potential partners, people and organizations to work with as your allies.

___You have chosen and implemented appropriate (and creative) strategies to reach your target population. These might include:

___You have followed up!